June 5, 2018, Political Insiders | President Trump cancels Eagles event

This week Kevin sits in for Charlie to comment on President Trump's decision to cancel the Philadelphia Eagles White House event. Kevin says he has to defend the president as the Eagles said they were going to send 85 people, and then said only ten would be coming. "Most Americans believe we should stand up for the flag when the anthem is played," says Kevin. Remember to tune-in to the Political Insiders every Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. on WHP CBS-21.

June 3, 2018, Face the State, State Sen. Mike Folmer

State Senator Mike Folmer is this week's "Face the State" guest. Senator Folmer’s signature legislative accomplishment is Act 16 of 2016, which allows the use of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania for certain medical conditions. He led a bipartisan educational effort to allow patients access to medical cannabis, another arrow in their quiver to fight their illness.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Senate State Government Committee.   

Gerow: Pardon me? What's all the fuss over Trump's pardons? | PennLive

Since the birth of the nation, presidents have used their constitutionally granted power to issue pardons to Americans convicted of federal crimes.

George Washington began the long list of presidential pardons when he granted two to citizens convicted of treason in the Whiskey Rebellion, largely played out here in the commonwealth. It's grown exponentially from there, including the most recent, Donald Trump's pardon of Dinesh D'Souza earlier this week.

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