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    Quantum’s clients gain strategic advantage from our counsel, which represents nearly two centuries of high-level experience developing and managing winning political and public relations campaigns. Read More +
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    Quantum puts multiple advocacy tools to work to execute our strategies. We are trained and passionate advocates who run successful campaigns, enhance reputations and mold public policy. Read More +
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    Quantum delivers strong messages to the right audience, at the right time, and through the right channels. Read More +
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Latest Quantum News

  • Gerow: Here's what to watch for in Trump's Supreme Court announcement | PennLive

    We've heard this before: "Elections have consequences." In fact, it was Barack Obama who most often trumpeted the adage before doing something he perceived as controversial. The consequences of elections are often most vividly seen in the impact on the… Read More +
  • July 7, 2018: Best 60ish Seconds of Your Week

    SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is the focus of this week's "Best 60ish Seconds" as anticipation builds for who President Trump will nominate following Justice Kennedy's retirement announcement.

    Charlie examines how the confirmation… Read More +
  • July 3, 2018, Political Insiders | Supreme Court Justice Nominees

    This week, Political Insiders Charlie Gerow and Joe Powers discuss President Trump's upcoming selection to serve as the next Supreme Court Justice. Charlie says many people voted for President Trump because they knew the next president would have the opportunity to… Read More +

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Meet Quantum's Ed Rollins


Ed Rollins, the architect and engineer of the most successful presidential campaign in history, is a partner with Quantum.

Quantum Communications

Quantum Communications specializes in strategy, advocacy and media.

Our team of seasoned professionals has decades of high-level experience developing and executing winning strategies. We are proud of the reputation we’ve earned as a very well-connected, hard-charging firm with an unparalleled record of success.

We don’t offer “cookie cutter” solutions. The Quantum team excels at crafting unique messages that cut through the clutter. We get our clients’ messages to influencers, policy makers and voters, producing dramatic results.

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