May 6, 2018, Face the State, Julie Wheeler

Julie Wheeler, Republican candidate for the 28th state Senate seat, is this week's guest on Face the State. Julie discusses her views on medical marijuana, her 30 years of business experience, her upbringing and York County roots, and much more. Julie cites overregulation and high taxes as a couple of principal reasons she's running for the state Senate. 

April 29, 2018, Face the State, Rep. Joe Markosek

Pennsylvania House Democratic Appropriations Chairman Joe Markosek joins Face the State this week. Charlie asks Rep. Markosek about transportation, specifically funding for the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as tolling interstates and Act 89. About two-thirds of the State Police budget comes from the motor license fund and were siphoning money from there to fund the State Police, explains Chairman Markosek. Many other topics are discussed - enjoy this week's episode!