Feb. 25, 2018, Face the State, Rep. Bryan Cutler

State Representative Bryan Cutler (R - Lancaster County) joins Face the State this week. Rep. Cutler, who also serves as majority whip, discusses streamlining government, as well as starting an Office of Management and Budget to reduce the layers of government. "If you're coming here to start a business and you want to talk to the Community and Economic Development, you should be able to go there to get all your needs done," says Cutler. 

Quantum's Kevin Harley sits in for Charlie this week. Kevin asks Rep. Cutler about Governor Wolf's budget proposal and whether he thinks the Governor's spending increase of a billion dollars is too high. Kevin also asks Rep. Cutler about the status of reapportionment and Pennsylvania's in-flux congressional map. 

Feb. 18, 2018, Face the State, Sen. Wagner & Jeff Bartos

State Senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner, alongside lieutenant governor candidate Jeff Bartos, join Face the State this week. Senator Wagner and Jeff discuss attracting Democratic votes. "Scott and I both are focused on addressing issues that Republican candidates have traditionally not addressed...we have to have the courage to go into communities that we have not reached out to yet and sit down and talk, make inroads and show we care," says Jeff.

Charlie brings up Steve Bannon who has endorsed Senator Wagner, Charlie asks if this is an endorsement Senator Wagner welcomes. "This isn't about Bannon or Trump, it's about Pennsylvania and what we can do for Pennsylvania," says Senator Wagner. Senator Wagner and Jeff also discuss "managing" agency budgets and removing wasteful spending.