March 18, 2018, Face the State, Laura Ellsworth

Republican gubernatorial candidate Laura Ellsworth is this week's Face the State guest. Charlie asks Laura about negative advertising, as well as when voters will see Laura on the airwaves. Laura says you'll see her television ads closer to when people are paying attention. Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District special election is also discussed.

March 4, 2018, Face the State, Rep. Mike Sturla

State Representative Mike Sturla (D - Lancaster County) joins Face the State this week. Rep. Sturla discusses gun control policy, severance tax/regulatory reform and reapportionment, among other topics. Quantum's Charlie Gerow asks Rep. Sturla. 

"If the court said 2018 stays under the current map, would democrats in the House want to see a new map for 2020 or would they say we're close enough to the end that we'll wait until 2022?"