June 26, 2018, Political Insiders | Supreme Court upholds travel ban

This week, Robb Hanrahan asks Political Insiders Kevin Harley (filling in for Charlie) and Mark Singel their thoughts on the Supreme Court upholding President Donald Trump's travel ban. The ruling was 5-4 along partisan lines, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the conservative majority.

June 24, 2018, Face the State, State Sen. John DiSanto

State Senator John DiSanto joins the June 24th "Face the State" episode. Senator DiSanto discusses the latest developments on the state budget, which just passed the House as the episode was being recorded. 

In 2016, John was elected to the Senate representing the 15th Senatorial District, which covers most of Dauphin County and all of Perry County. His agenda includes reforming government, cutting wasteful spending, eliminating property taxes and removing bureaucratic barriers to job creation.