Forget term limits — retirements will create competitive 2018 elections

BY CHARLIE GEROW, April 3, 2018

The concept of term limits for members of Congress is as old as the Republic.

In fact, the idea is as old as any republic. The ancient Greeks and Romans both featured some form of term limits for their elected officials, to guarantee rotation in office and to curb corruption.

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March 24, 2018: Best 60ish Seconds of Your Week

Spring arrived this week, and with it came another northeast snowstorm, new tariffs proposed by President Trump, and apparent finality to Pennsylvania's congressional map.

"Tariffs are a tax, they simply don't work, and a trade war is not something we ought to be ginning up at this stage of economic recovery," says Charlie.

Additionally, while the lines of Pennsylvania congressional district map are now settled, Charlie discusses the confusion over who lives in which districts and the resulting spotlight on Pennsylvania as the midterm elections near.

Go Cats!


March 20, 2018: Political Insiders

Charlie joins Robb Hanrahan and Joe Peters for this week's Political Insiders segment. The Insiders discuss the latest news on Pennsylvania's congressional district map and resulting districts. 

Charlie explains that Tuesday's breaking news focused on Rep. Cris Dush filing articles of impeachment agains four Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices.