July 22, 2018, Face the State, State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans

State Representative Carol Hill-Evans is the July 22, 2018, guest on “Face the State.” Rep. Hill-Evans discusses the ‘Clean Slate’ legislation, which “automatically will seal misdemeanor, non-violent criminal records after 10 years if there is no other criminal arrest within that time. Arrests without convictions will be immediately sealed if there is no ongoing prosecution.”

Rep. Hill-Evans also discusses the gender wage gap, raising the minimum wage, and many other issues.

Rep. Hill-Evans was elected to the state legislature on Nov. 8, 2016, to represent the 95th Legislative District in York County.

July 15, 2018, Face the State, State Treasurer Joe Torsella

State Treasurer kicks-off this week’s “Face the State” discussing Pennsylvania adding $22 million to its rainy day fund. And notes that “no budget is perfect.” Treasurer Torsella also discusses short-term borrowing and the state’s long-term fiscal issues.

As the treasurer of Pennsylvania, Torsella oversees an office of 360 employees, which protects nearly $100 billion in state assets – read more at http://www.patreasury.gov/treasurer/.

Gerow: Here's what to watch for in Trump's Supreme Court announcement | PennLive

We've heard this before: "Elections have consequences."

In fact, it was Barack Obama who most often trumpeted the adage before doing something he perceived as controversial. The consequences of elections are often most vividly seen in the impact on the judiciary, the third branch of our tripartite system of government.

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