Feb. 24, 2018: Best 60ish Seconds of Your Week

Live from the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Charlie discusses this year's conference, its theme "A Time For Action," President Trump's Friday address, and more. Charlie also discusses the latest developments on Pennsylvania's Congressional map. Enjoy ;)


What sort of senator will Mitt Romney be? Not a backbencher, even day one

BY CHARLIE GEROW, Feb. 20, 2018

What we do with former presidents is a subject frequently discussed in the halls of academia. After all, we now have as many members of that most exclusive club as ever, including some who are likely to be with us for a long time.

What doesn’t get as much attention is what becomes of those who sought the presidency and lost. The spotlight turns on one of them — Republican businessman Mitt Romney — now.

"Tuesday night more than 90 million eyeballs were on President Trump as he delivered his first State of the Union address. The television audience, pegged by Nielsen at 45.6 million, was delivered over a dozen networks.What sort of senator will Mitt Romney be? Not a backbencher, even day one

Feb. 18, 2018, Face the State, Sen. Wagner & Jeff Bartos

State Senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner, alongside lieutenant governor candidate Jeff Bartos, join Face the State this week. Senator Wagner and Jeff discuss attracting Democratic votes. "Scott and I both are focused on addressing issues that Republican candidates have traditionally not addressed...we have to have the courage to go into communities that we have not reached out to yet and sit down and talk, make inroads and show we care," says Jeff.

Charlie brings up Steve Bannon who has endorsed Senator Wagner, Charlie asks if this is an endorsement Senator Wagner welcomes. "This isn't about Bannon or Trump, it's about Pennsylvania and what we can do for Pennsylvania," says Senator Wagner. Senator Wagner and Jeff also discuss "managing" agency budgets and removing wasteful spending.